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DFS Compact™

Breathing Is Involuntary.  Breathing Healthy Is A Choice.

It may seem obvious, but most air conditioners are built to blow cool air around your home or workplace. While the cool air is a benefit, the airflow of an HVAC system also pushes ultrafine particles into the air where they are suspended or until they are recirculated throughout your home or office.

WebMD explains in a recent article that certain particles, like COVID-19, hang in the air for a very long time. Logically, a virus from one room has the potential to reach many rooms through typical HVAC circulation.

One solution for removing such particles is installing portable air filters strategically throughout your office or home. 

With the DFS Compact and its plug-and-play technology, you can easily purify any room. The DFS Compact is designed for small office or residential use up to 500 square feet and uses the same advanced, patented technology as the DFS Deluxe.

The sleek, stylish design will complement any décor -- from a conference room to a living room.

So relax and take a deep breath. We've got you covered.

DFS Technology and COVID-19 -- click HERE to learn more.

Clear The Air With Nature's Best! 

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you're breathing the purest, healthiest air possible!

  • Patented technology removes 99.99% of particles as small as .007 microns – making it 40 times more efficient than standard HEPA filtration, making HealthWay the most-efficient air purifier available.
  • Addresses ALL THREE pollutant categories: ultrafine particles (dust, dust mites, dander, pollen), VOCs (paint fumes, solvents, aerosols, and everyday cleaning products) and microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi).
  • Class II Medical Device
  • Uses the same purification as the DFS Deluxe
  • Independently tested and certified to guarantee better-than-HEPA efficiency
  • 360º air intake allows for placement anywhere -- assuring full-room treatment
  • Plug-and-play technology allows for ease of use: no HVAC modification required
  • Scalable and portable -- can accomodate any type of space
  • Perfect all industries -- offices, schools, medical centers, hotels, spas, fitness centers and restaurants.
  • Trusted by industry leaders such as Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, BMW, Harvard University, Cornell University, NYC Department of Education, NYC Health + Hospitals, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic
13" (W) x 20" (H) x 8.75" (D)
17 lbs
Coverage Area
500 square feet
Polar White

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