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About Us

About Us

Nature's Best is locally-owned-and-operated by husband and wife entrepreneur team Eric and Lisa Mannis and has been hydrating businesses from South Beach to Palm Beach for over 24 years.

Back in 1999, native New Yorkers Eric and Lisa Mannis were at an office in Long Island and noticed that the water cooler didn't have a bottle on top. Realizing that this "bottle-less" water cooler was more-hygienic, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective, Eric and Lisa knew that the future of office water service was definitely bottleless, and that bottled water's days were numbered. Upon their arrival in South Florida, they founded Nature's Best and have been hydrating businesses ever since!

Fast-forward to 2024 and Nature's Best remains on the cutting edge of office water cooler technology and workplace hydration. Our water coolers now offer even more hydration solutions for your office than ever before, including electrolyte-enhanced alkaline water coolers and even SPARKLING water coolers!

If your office is located in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach or any of the surrounding areas, please CONTACT US to schedule your FREE TRIAL and REBOOT YOUR HYDRATION™ today!


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